Xiaomi YI 4K Action Camera Xiaoyi Wifi Sports Camera Ambarella A9SE 2.19″ 155 Degree 12MP EIS LDC [International Edition]

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Xiaomi YI 4K Action Camera Xiaoyi Wifi Sports Camera Ambarella A9SE 2.19″ 155 Degree 12MP EIS LDC [International Edition]


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  • 4K Movie Class Resolution Video
    YI 4K action camera, the movie class picture quaility is for serious photographer like you!
    Ambarella A9SE DSP Chipset
    Ambarella's new generation of high performance and ultra low-power consumption A9SE chip.
    Support H.264 encoding, low power consumption even at 4K/30fps, blu-ray video, operating temperature at -20 to 85 centigrade.
    IMX377 12.0MP 1/2.3″ Image Sensor
    Don’t get irritated as the sensor of the first Yi Action Camera features the larger 16 MP Exmor IMX206 sensor.
    The IMX377 is faster and enables the new model to shoot 4K video!
    155 Degree Ultra Wide Angle 7 Glass Lens
    7 layers of optical glass lenses combined with F2.8 large aperture increase the light intake and capture more delicated and clear pictures.
    1200mAh Battery Provides Longer Service Life
    High capacity 1200mAh battery enables long-lasing shooting, it can use for up to 120min under 4K mode.
    WiFi & Bluetooth Connection for iOS / Android device
    Stunning editing feature on YI action App makes you a master in creating astonishing pictures for sharing.
  • Low power Bluetooth remote control
  • Mini appearance compact design
  • Multiple photo shooting modes: single shot, self-timer, time-lapse, burst shot
  • Support storage cards up to 64GB maximum (Micro SD Card Class10+ recommended)
  • Water-resistant up to 40 meters under water with waterproof housing

Product Details

YI 4K Action Camera

Your World in 4K
Professional quality made for you!
Built with the new generation Ambarella A9SE75 chip, IMX377 image sensor, 7-layers all glass lens. Records 4K/30fps at 60mbps, 4x the quality of 1080p. YI 4K Action Camera reaches new heights.

Live Vividly
The only camera with the most advanced technology to provide maximum Fidelity, Versatility and Ease of Use.

World's Leading Technologies Packed in ONE Sleek Camera
New generation Ambarella A9SE75 Chip, IMX377 Sensor, high-quality 7-layers LCE glass lens, Records 4K/30fps at 60 Mbps, best in class.

IMX337 Sensor | Ambarella A9SE75 SoC | LCE 7-layers All Glass Lens

Have an eye of an eagle, 7 layers of all glass lenses.
7 layers all glass optical lens combined with F2.8 large aperture increase light intake to capture crisp and detailed footage.

Integrated LCD Gorilla Glass Retina Touchscreen
Customized with a 330ppi high resolution and high-sensitivity retina touchscreen for an intuitive experience.
2.19 inches of Gorilla Glass to resist scratches and daily impact.
Viewable from a 160 Degree angle.
You won’t miss the perfect shot with the 640*360 widescreen for quick and easy previewing and shooting.
Control YI 4K at your fingertips. No extra hands needed.

2.19inch Touchscreen | 16:9 Widescreen | 640*360 High-resolution | 160 Degree Viewable angle

Shoot longer with YI’s high capacity 1200mAh battery
Designed with adventurers and photographers in mind, we use the world’s leading rechargeable 1200mAh high-voltage 4.4V lithium-ion battery from Amperext Technology.
YI 4K stands by you for up to 8 hours of standby time.
Get out there and shoot 4K/30fps video for up to 120 minutes with a single charge.

Forget waiting with Broadcom’s dual-band high speed Wi-Fi
World’s leading telecommunication semi-conductor solution provider’s latest BCM43340 chip will barely give you time to blink. Supports 802.11a/b/g/n 2.4G/5GHz.
Significantly improved anti-interference technology. Download at speeds up to 30Mbps and have more time to shoot, edit, and share.

2.4GHz | 5GHz

Shoot, edit, and share like a pro with YI Action Camera App.
6-30 seconds video editing, image/video filters and music options.
Simple enough for beginners to use, but designed for professional output.
You’ll never have to use a computer again!

Join Discover, join the world.
Share your life with global YI fans on YI Discover channel.
Don’t just shoot and edit epic videos, but share them with the global YI community!
Whether you want to browse other user photos/videos or share your own, there’s a place for you in YI Community.

A timeless design with the best technology of our time.
3.35 ounces of world leading imagining technology.
YI 4K’s all-in-one and impact resistance design fits in your pocket and is ready for anything!
With new colors and high quality finishing it is not only a camera for shooting amazing photos/videos, but also the fashion accessory you’ve been waiting for.

Ambarella A9SE75 SoC
Low-Power, high-performance
The core of YI 4K Action Camera is Ambarella A9SE75 SoC, 28nm CMOS technology, 800MHz dual core Cortest-A9 ARM processor and high-efficient Digital Signal Processor (DSP), supports H.264 BP/MP/HP first class encoding, low-power consumption even at 4K/30fps. The upgraded SoC supports Len Distortion Correction (LDC) to correct image distortion due to wide-angle lens; built-in Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS), 3D noise-cancellation and 48000KHz stereo audio.

IMX377 image sensor
Lower power and low light
IMX377 is a new image sensor. Compared with previous versions, it captures high resolution image but consumes less power and also deliver better image quality at low light. IMX377 sensor supports 3840*2160 ultra-clear 4K video resolution and 12M pixel photo. It has 1.55um high sensitivity large sensor pixel size which helps produce bright images with clear details and less noise even in poor lighting conditions. YI 4K captures every moment of the action in ultra-clear 4K video resolution or 240fps frame rate.

Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) technology with 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer

Action videos usually require post-production to reduce shakiness. With YI 4K Action Camera, you can avoid extra time spent editing due to the camera's Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) feature. EIS uses built-in gyroscope and accelerometer sensor to detect position and motion change. When the camera tilts, moves, shakes or experiences impact, the sensors will send data to EIS and EIS will use image a cross-border compensation algorithm to compensate the change to produce stable videos.

Cutting edge Microsoft Hyperlapse Pro technology to create smooth and stablized time lapse videos from YI 4K video
YI 4K Action Camera now supports Microsoft Hyperlapse Pro technology for flawless time lapse videos It uses 4K video frame to recreate 3D space and resample the video frames from the 3D space to create smoother and time lapse video which is perfect for sharing.

Day or night, YI 4K is there.
Image sensor automatically senses light conditions while advanced.
ISP processor adjusts the frame rate and parameters to produce high-quality images in low light.

Lens Distortion Correction (LDC)
With wide-angle lens comes along lens distortion. Fortunately, the powerful A9SE75 SoC can correct the distortion in real-time. You can save your distortion free image/video directly from your camera. Skip unnecessary editing, simple as that.

360 Degree omni-directional dual microphones produce studio sound quality
Records stereo sound in 48kHz with dual microphones. High-sensitivity and high signal to noise (SNR) microphones capture crystal clear sound even in noisy environments. Built-in highly optimized AAC encoder to record every detail of the sound.

One button + one touchscreen
It is almost too easy
Powerful state-of-art technologies inside, simple and intuitive design on the outside. Everything can be done with just one button and one touch screen. Select shooting modes, settings, album and a shortcut menu like smartphone on the LCD touchscreen.

1 second quick start
Record instantly with one touch
Wake up the camera from sleep mode in just 1 second so you won't miss a moment. Even when powered-off, the camera can be ready to record in just 3 seconds.

120 minutes 4K/30fps video recording with one battery charge
1200mAh battery

YI 4K Action Camera vs. GxPxx Hxxx4 Black

General Xiaomi YI 4K Action Camera
Processor Ambarella A9SE
Image Sensor Sony IMX377, 1/2.3″, 12 megapixels CMOS image sensor with Exmor R ability.
Lens 7 glass, 155 degree wide-angle
Display Build-in 2.19-inch retina widescreen with touch. 640-by-360 pixels at 330 ppi
Wi-Fi module Broadcom BCM43340 dual-band, 802.11a/b/g/n, 2.4GHz/5GHz, above 3MB/s download speed
Battery 3.85V 1200mAh?5.39Wh
Battery Life 120 minutes 4K/30 video recording
Gyroscope / Accelerometer Embedded low power and high resolution 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope
Microphone Dual microphone
Remote Control Low power Bluetooth remote control
Power consumption and heat managements State-of-art low power 28nm A9SE chip, no overheat problem. Camera temperature is consistently lower than GxPxx Hxxx4 Black
Video Mode Up to 4K 30fps and 720p 240fps
Photo Mode Up to 12-megapixel photo
Timer Mode Countdown timer 3, 5, 10 and 15s before shooting
Burst Mode 30 photos per second
Time Lapse Video Mode Build-in support of 0.5/1/2/5/10/30/60s interval
Slow Motion Mode Supports 1/8, 1/4 and 1/2 speed?slow motion?directly, no need for editing afterwards
Loop Recording Continuous recording
Lens Distortion Correction (LDC) Build-in support
Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) Supported
Auto Low Light Automatic low light detection and frame rate adjustment to ensure good exposure
Manual Mode Supports manual setting for shutter/ISO/EV/WB
Power on Speed 3 seconds
Size 65 x 42 x 21 mm
Weight 3.4 ounces (with battery)
LCD Screen Yes, 2.19″, 640*360 resolution, 330PPI
Lens Lens F2.8 aperture / 155 Degree wide-angle lens, 7G, f=2.68mm
Wi-Fi Built-in (802.11 abgn), Dual band 2.4G/5G
Main Processor Ambarella A9SE chipset, includes a 800 MHz dual-core Cortex-A9 ARM CPU and a high-performance digital signal processing (DSP) subsystem with a 32-Mpixel Image Sensor Processor (ISP), and an advanced H.264 encoder capable of 4K resolution.
Resolution 4K/30FPS, 4KS/30FPS, 2.5K/30FPS, 1440P/60FPS, 1080P/120FPS, 1080S/120FPS, 960FPS/120FPS, 720P/240FPS, 720S/240FPS, 848*480/240FPS
Photo Modes 12M W/7M W/7M M/5M M
Battery Life Battery specification is 3.85V, 1200/1430mAH(min/typ), 5.39/5.51Wh(min/typ),
Battery life is 95 min (4K/30FPS with LCD on and WIFI on)
or 120 min (1080P/60FPS with WIFI off and LCD off)
EIS Support on the resolution of 2.5K/30FPS, 1440P/60FPS, 1080P/60FPS,
1080S/60FPS, 960FPS/60FPS, 720S/60FPS
Micro SD Compatibility Up to 64GB with FAT32 format
Available Colors Night Black / Pearl White / Rose Gold
Compatible Operating System Ios / Android
Warranty 12 Month
Bluetooth Built-in 4.0BLE & 2.0 Dual
G-Sensor Built-in Bosch BMI160, 9-axis motion detection, provides precise acceleration and
angular rate(gyroscopic) measurement
Mountable Built-in tripod mount(1/4″)
PIV (Photo in Video) Auto PIV(Auto capture under interval time) 2.5K/30, 1080/60, 1080/30, 1440/30
with the interval of 5/10/30/60S
Remote Control Bluetooth (4.0BLE low power consumption)
Shooting speed 1/4096S to 30S
FAQ>>>1, Good for vlogging? Vlogs?
Without any trouble!! There Are update last factory to a newer version. By true the manufacturer should be 1400 MH battery, I saw my Yi 4 K with battery 1200 MH
2, Could you send me real photos of this gown? please!!!
The seller is normal, I bought the camera from him and everything has come! there were problems with delivery, offered to send me another service and all received in a couple of days!
3, How many minutes can be written on the card in GB in k mode?
Little more than an hour. better to take 64 and fast: 10 class is not enough for k, only full hd
4, Can connect microphone?
The camera comes with microphone, And with the latest update recognized functions with the voice. I micro outside not know if no option.
5, russian language on it?
Have , YI 4K Action Camera Support Multi-language 
6, Has the function of OTG? Whether through USB camera bring video in a cinch AV?
NO Function OTG
7,Have Some Kit Accessories?
YES , Optional support waterproof case and selfie-stick ,remote controller 
8,What About Delivery Time ?
everything is fine. ECB came courier less than 10 days

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