Sonoff wifi switch DC 5V 12v 24v 32v Inching/Self-Locking wireless Relay module Smart home Automation for Computer access

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This product is a wireless switch that supports inching/self-locking modes. Users can add the device to the APP eWeLink in order to remotely control connected home appliances or devices. In self-locking mode, customers can remotely turn on/off connected devices immediately. When in inching mode, customers can have two wiring ways to select:
• Turn on 0.5-3600s and then auto-off
• Turn off 0.5-3600s and then auto-on
The product enables remote control of home appliances through the mobile application eWeLink, available on both Android and iOS. Supported functions include:
• Remote turn on/off
• Timing schedules
• Device sharing
• Group management
The self-lock/inching mode wireless switch has two input voltage supply specifications:5 V and 5/12 V. Functions remain the same regardless of the selected specification.
5V,self-lock/inching, mode, wireless, switch
Reminder: Operating voltage at 90-250 V, please operate according to regulations,
Parameter selection
Option 1: 5 V self-lock/inching mode wireless switch
Option 2: 5/12V/24V/32V self-lock/inching mode wireless switch
• Dimensions:70.5 x 27.4 x 23 mm
• Operating current: 5 V DC or 5/7 – 32 V DC
• LEDs: 3 LEDs which indicate working mode, WiFi status, relay on/off status respectively
• Two input interfaces
• Board consumption: 0.5 W
• Standby current: 80 mA
• Max input current: 10A
• Support to control different voltage ranges
• Relay lifespan: Over 1,000,000 times
• The switch can be applied to access control, turn on PC, garage door, etc.
• Computer application
• Remote control computer boot
• USB port power supply conveniently
• Fully in line with the principle of mobile phone boot
1.The first wiring way is to connect COM and NO with an appliance. In this way, when users press the setting button or use the APP to turn on, the connected appliance will be turned on for 1s and then auto turn off.
2.The second wiring way is to connect NC and COM with an appliance. In this way, when users press the setting button or use the APP to turn off, the connected appliance will be turned off for 1s and then auto turn on.

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