Sonoff TX T2/T3 EU Smart WiFi RF 433/ APP / Touch Control Wall Light Switch 1 /2 /3 Gang 86 Type Wall Touch Switch Smart Home

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Sonoff TX T2/T3 EU WiFi RF / APP / Touch Control Wall Light Switch 1 /2 /3 Gang 86 Type Panel Wall Touch Light Switch Smart Home

Product Specification:

[ Name ]: Sonoff Touch Wall Wifi Light Switch

[ Power Supply ]: 100V-240V AC

[ Max. Current ]: 2A/240V/gang

[ Max. Power ]: 600W/gang

[ Wireless Standard ]: WiFi 2.4GHz & 433MHz RF

[ Material ]: ABS V0+ Toughened Glass Panel

[ Dimension] : 86mm*86mm

Product Advantage:

  • Touch ON/OFF.

  • App Remote ON/OFF.

  • 433MHz RF Remote ON/OFF.

  • Scheduled/Countdown Timers.

  • Works With Nest.

  • Works With Alexa.

  • Works With Google Home.

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Product Overview:

The Sonoff T2/T3 Wall Touch Switch series are 1-3 gang 86 type touch/App/ RF control luxury smart light switch.

The wireless wall switch can be added to iOS/Android App eWeLink via WiFi,

allowing users to remotely turn on/off connected lights or appliances separately from anywhere at any time.

After successfully learning codes with 433MHz RF Remote, the touch light switch can be turneD on/off indoors.

Upgrade your home to an elegant smart home, control anywhere, anytime!

With the App eWeLink, you can create scheduled/countdown timers to auto-turn on/off devices at the specified time.

You can also create scenes to turn on/off all the devices in your house with one tap.

The smart wall switch works perfectly with Amazon Alexa, you can ask Alexa to turn it on/off.

Works With Amazon Alexa:

This product works with Amazon Alexa. You can ask Alexa to control the device with the following voice commands.
Try out these phrases ( {deviceName} should be the name of your device):
Alexa, turn on {deviceName}
Alexa, turn off {deviceName}
Alexa, turn {deviceName} off
Alexa, turn {deviceName} on
Alexa, schalte Geraumltename ein
Alexa, schalte Geraumltename aus

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