Original Huawei Band 3 / Pro Smartband Metal Frame Amoled Full Color Display Touchscreen Swim Stroke Heart Rate Sensor Sleep

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1. Huawei Band 3 version it's without GPS and NFC and Not metal body, Huawei Band 3 pro version it's with GPS and NFC function.
2. Before the device is paired with your phone, its default language is Chinese.
3. Band screen supports 8 languages for Android/iOS, they're Chinese, Russian, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, English . It need change your phone Language and region .
4. Huawei Health APP suports worldwide languages.
5. For safe reason, you can ONLY pair the device in APP Huawei Health.
USE with “Huawei Health' for Android 4.4+ or IOS 9.0+
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.2
Screen: AMOLED touch Screen
Call: Remind/Refuse
Message/APP: Remind/Show, customize apps permission
Sport: Run,Swimming, Walk and Ride, continual pulse heart rate monitor, Time, Calories, Steps, Distance, Pace
Sleep: Auto track, even a nap at noon
Alarm: Smart wake according to sleep status as deep sleep, light sleep and sober
Strap: Silicon
Standby: Magnet dock charging 1.5hr, Slight Using 5days, Standby 12 days
Huawei Band 3Pro is metal body, support GPS, NFC, and other functions as same as Huawei Band 3.
​Choose Huawei Band 3 without GPS and NFC !
Choose ​Huawei Band 3 Pro with GPS and NFC !

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