N9 GSM Listening Device In Acoustic Alarm Mini GSM Spy Monitor Voice Surveillance System Quad Band 2 Mic 12-15 Days Standby Time

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Note: N9 Just A Listening Device, It Don't Have GPS Location

Built -in Twon Mic;

Can be heard clearly.

Automatic Monitoring Function

As long as it exceeds 45 decibels in 4 meters;

it will automatically call back.

Voice monitor

N9 is very small, easy to hide, can be placed in a place where it is not found.

Super mimi size

Easy to hide .

Can use in many aspect

Standby time

Easy to use

Size display

1. GSM Voice Monitor System; Spy Listening Device ;
2. Acoustic alarm function: device will call back to the pre-setting phone number automatically when the around voice rise up to 45DB;
3. With Built-in 2 Mic to ensure the prominent sound quality;
4. Prominent sound quality makes spy more reliable;
5. Super Mini size, portable, easy to be hidden .
6.Not the market clone one,With Stable performance, good quality.

This GSM Spy Voice Surveillance Device N9 adopts Taiwan military technology and equipped with acoustic alarm function. It is small and stable, easy to be installed and operated. Besides, this device has long standby time, it can last around 12-15 days under the acoustic alarm function off mode. Usually it is used for home secure monitor, car secure monitor and personal caring.

The N9 Structure:


1. Super mini size (42*32*14mm), easy to carry and to be hidden;
2. Very easy to operate: just make a call to the SIM number which is installed in the device you will can hear nearby voice within 10 meters in a few seconds;
2. GSM Quad Band (850/900/1800/1900Mhz), can work perfectly around the worldwide;
3. Built-in 2 Mic to ensure the good sound quality, prominent sound quality makes spy more reliable;
4. Supports pre-setting number, telephone number and mobile number both are ok;
5. Acoustic alarm function is available;
6. Long standby time: built-in 200mA backup battery, it can last around 3-5 days under acoustic alarm function on mode; it can last around 12-15 days under acoustic alarm function off mode.
Operation Instructions:
* Startup: open the back cover and install the GSM SIM card, the device will start and the indicator lights will turn on automatically, it will last 3 seconds, after the lights turned off itself please close the cover and now you can start using.
* Monitoring: After successfully startup, you can use a telephone or a mobilephone to dial the SIM number in the alarm system, once it is connected, it will pick up your call and then you will can hear the nearby voice within 10 meters in a few seconds.
* The home charger indicator lights status when charging: when the host is during charging, the green and red light of the home charger will both on; when the host is fully charged, the green light will off and the red light will keep on.

* Pre-setting Number Setting: Use a telephone or a mobilephone to dial the SIM card number which is installed in the device, once you hear 3 seconds voice please hang up immediately then the alarm system will set the dial number as the pre-setting number. The default status of the device is alarm status, once the around voice is higher than 45dB within 4 meters, it will automatically dial the pre-setting number for alarm.

* Acoustic Alarm Function Setting: send message “1111” to the SIM number in the alarm system to turn on the acoustic alarm function, and send message “0000” to turn off the acoustic alarm function. Note: Before you set this acoustic alarm function you need set the pre-setting number first !

Comparison Between The Real and Fake Machines:

The fake device just can be setted to alarm one time per minute, and its standby time is only 5 hours.

However, our genuine device can alarm according to the decibel of the around voice, once the around voice reach to 45dB, the device will make an alarm call to you! And t he standby time of our genuine device can last around 3-5 days !

Important Notice:
1. When the battery is depleted, it will start charging 3 minutes later after it connected to the electrical outlet. And before the first using, please fully charge the device to get the best performance.
2. Charger Standard: ±5.0V 300-500mA, please use the standard charger to avoid the host damage.
3. Please make sure the device is installed under an environment with strong GSM signal. Weak signal or lack of signal will lead to bad effect or out of work.
4. Once you can't get connect to the device please re-install the SIM card or try again after battery full charging.
5. If the device can't answer the call automatically, please re-install the SIM card.

1 * Main Unit N9
1 * USB Cable
1 * User Manual
1 * Home Charger
1 * Original Box (Optional)

(No SIM card included, customers need buy the GSM SIM card in their local place)

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