Metoo Gaming Mechanical Keyboard 87/104 Anti-ghosting Luminous Blue Red Black Switch Backlit LED wired Keyboard Russian sticker

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Brand Name: ME TOO Series Name: ZERO
have two letter keyboard,one is English letter keyboard,one is Russian +English letter keyboard,please choose the right version you need(Russian +English version ,the Russian laser carved laser, opaque, but never fade,the English letters are glowed,
Hello, blue switch has paragraph sense , when you press it ,it have a “kacakaca” sound
Black switch no paragraph sense, but the resilience is good, straight up straight down
Red switch = light version of the black switch (its press force is less than the black switch)
1, version:no light version, no light 87 version,mixed light 87 version, mixed light 104 version
2, the cable length: 1.5m ± 0.5cm
3, the interface: USB
4, the axis: blue switch / black switch / red switch
5, lighting effects: no light version of no lighting effects, mixed light version of 10 kinds of lighting mode
6, the number of keys: 87/104
7, key properties: no light version is 29 keys without conflict, mixed light version is full key without conflict
Features: Press The pressure is lighter, relatively quiet, and it is
not easy to fatigue for a long time.
Red switch = light version of the black switch (its press force is less than the black switch)
————————–Russian version —————————–
————————–Russian version & English version —————————————————English version ———————
this is the no light version keyboard picture ,it have not backlit
“CAPS”、“NUM”、“SL”These three buttons of the bright and dark on behalf of the keyboard indicator,when you press “CAPS”、“NUM”、“SL”,they will be lit,
Professional game processor, the implementation of faster and more efficientas the picture shows
Double Injection Cap, never fade
FN combination of shortcut keys, more convenient
50 million times the key life, more durable
High and low keycap design, ergonomics

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