Real-time GPS/GSM/GPRS Car GPS Tracker TK102 Vehicle Car Tracking Device Real Time Location Over Speed Alarm tk102b

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Feedback From the buyers :


This GPS is Only suit for 2G SIM card or Compatible with 2G ,If your SIM card is not 2G ,please don't buy it , thanks.

in advance Using mobile phone send SMS commands to device and set online platform

Pls insert the 2G of GSM sim card and compatible 2G of GSM network , open the gprs function and ask APN name.

Locate current position by GPRS/SMS

The first kind of Operation by SMS:

Device default password 123456

if forget password or device reply password error, pls send reset123456

step 1: Put the SIM card and battery in place (Remark: 2G GSM card,pls press the power

step 2: take device to outdoor(In 40– 120 seconds, the unit will begin to acquire the GSM signals and the GPS signals. The indicator will keep flashing every 3 seconds when the unit has received the signals.

step 3: Reset your password(please remeber it, if forget password or device reply password error, pls send reset123456). Use your Authorized number send SMS:“password+123456+space+new password”to change the password. For Example:

then new password is 234567.

Step 4 : Send SMS:“admin+new password+space+Authorized number” to device, Get admin ok!

For Example:

Step 5 :Use your Authorized number call to the device, you will get the Google link

Open link and can see blow ,device have been positioning normal.please note that SIM card number and Authorized number should not be same, or it will not reply.

When GPS signals is weak, within 20s,GPS can not location,will use LBS location,the replied SMS as below:

If SIM card number and Authorized number are same, then when you call the device it will not reply.

Step 6:

Last Geo-info is last time position information. Now is LBS position information.

LAC: Location Area Code
CID:Cell Identity
MCC:Mobile Country Code
MNC:Mobile Network Code
By these LBS information, police can find the position.

User mobile App:

Scan the QR code to install the applictions on your mobile

Q.:Can i get the mananger account for mananger my all client device?
A.:of course ,and you have the authority that register the account for your client
Q.:How many does one account?
A.:no limit the quaility for one account
Q.:Support the mobile appliction program ?
A.:It support IOS &Android APK software
Q.: When i use it , it shows startup fail.
A.:Please check the battery and see if it is fully charged or
correctly installed.
Q.: Why it can't power on ?
A.:pls check the battery have not power or low power,so pls recharger battery about 8-10 hours
Q.:What should i do when it shows hang up fail?
A.In existence of an authorized number, an unauthorized number dials up the unit.Please initialize the unit and re-set up
the authorized numbers.
Q.: Why it has No GSM Signal?
A.:Please make sure SIM Card is GSM Net and installed correctly; also call display should be on; but no call transfer and PIN code off.
Q.:Why it can not successed call the device and the device can not know sim card?
A.:pls reinstall sim card again or change other sim card (note:the sim card have to support 2G GSM network)
Q.:Why it can not reply tracking position after call the device?
A.:pls check the device sim card should open call id function and have enough remain money .
Q.:Why it can not reply command?
A.:pls check you send format,the end of command can not has any invisibility symbol,for example space key,enter key
Q.:Why it can not get the gps signal/can not tracking / can not use gps ?
A.:pls take the device to outdoor or change a place.and also the front of device towards sky. Beause indoor has no gps signal
Q.: How many numbers can be authorized?
A.:There are only 5 cell phone numbers able to be authorized, be sure to set the authorization phone number before use.
Q.:Why when i sent SMS begin123456, it has no reply ?
A.: Please check if you have set up the authorized number,If there is no authorized number, when any number dials up the unit, it will report a Geo-info; If there is already an authorized number, then it will not respond when an unauthorized number calls it up.So if you set authorized number,please use this number to send begin123456,if still no reply , please send reset123456 to re-set up it.

1 x TK102B Car GPS Tracker
1 x English User Manual
1 x USB Cable
1 x Battery

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