Meizu HD50 Headband HIFI Stereo Bass Music Headset Aluminium Alloy Shell Low Distortion Headphone with Mic for iPhone Samsung LG

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Meizu HD50 Headband HIFI Stereo Bass Music Headset Aluminium Alloy Shell Low Distortion Headphone with Mic for iPhone Samsung LG

Product Model: HD50
Brand Name: Meizu
Wearing type: Headband
Function: Answering Phone,HiFi,Microphone,Song Switching,Voice control
Connectivity: Wired
Connecting interface: 3.5mm
Application: Aviation,Computer,DJ,Mobile phone,Portable Media Player
Plug Type: Full-sized
Frequency response: 20~20KHz
Impedance: 32ohm
Wire Functions:
For Android Devices: Compatible with Most Android phones (Not All),support play,answer,
volume control. (Not All),
For iOS Devices: Compatible with ios phones ,support play,answer,not support volume control.
Meizu HD50 Headphone
Gift quality waterproof headset package
Easy storage and convenient to carry
The high-quality waterproof headset bag has a 6.5 mm power amplification adapter
and an adapter for flying.
You can enjoy a comfortable and pleasant music experience no matter where you go.
Continuing metallic trends
Making tone quality finer and more responsive
The HD50 is the first headset from Meizu. It sustains the metallic trend.
It introduces a metallic understanding to headsets.
It is delicate to the touch with a metallic body and silky smooth synthetic leather.
It has a perfect combination of rigid and flexible.
You can choose either black or white to suit your preferences.
White is fresh and simple and black is rich in texture.
Black technology with metallic folding features
One-piece molding with a triple multi-angle shaft
Inheriting the concept of high-end process design, the HD50 always meets demands
and adopts an appropriate industrial design based on differing ear structures
and perception of sound in different people.
Its unique cross-shaft design achieves free triple multi-angle folds at 135°, 95°,
and 15° to find the most comfortable angle for your ears.
High precision manufacturing process
Metal powder metallurgy
To make the headset more wear-resistant, a high-end powder metallurgical process is adopted.
The powdered metal is constantly heated and pressed at high temperatures to coalesce into
a perfect metallurgical beam and spindle.
The CNC engraving and character laser carving processes used for the earmuff
makes the entire headset rich in metallic color and thick in texture.
Superfine bio-fiber diaphragm
Transferring every feeling in the sound
A good headset can not only transmit the authenticity of music, but can also make people
hear every tiny detail and feel subtle emotions.
To ensure this, the HD50 adopts an exclusive free-edge diaphragm design
and uses a high quality (from Japan) ultra-fine bio-fiber diaphragm.
It is light, but also rigid. It has a better resolving capability than a paper or metallic diaphragm.
It can completely reproduce realistic sound.
There is also a soft TPU + PEEK composite membrane that provides enough flexibility to
balance both the rigidity and softness of the sound.
It can reproduce every detail and nuance that other materials simply won’t,
regardless of whether it is jazz, folk, or rock
* The above data is lab test result, in different objective circumstance, the data will have different degree error
Unique front and rear dual-cavity design
Truly delivering fine tone quality
The HD50 adopts a unique mechanical frequency demultiplication design
with a dual-cavity + dual-continuity bassoon structure.
The sound flow reverberates for strong expansion and division.
The front cavity uses airflow compensation,
so the sound flow is fed back to the front cavity from the back.
As the channel is expanded, the sound is richer.
The rear cavity is in a bass reflex + dual-lumen structure to effectively increase the volume of
the cavity,strengthen the bass, and give an astounding user experience.
Designed by a professional team
Delivers only the very best sound quality
Meizu has many years of accumulated experience in acoustics.
In order to develop a more professional headset,Meizu experts went to Japan and invited Eric,
the former Head of the Headset R&D Dept of Japan Foster, to join Meizu.
Members of Meizu's professional acoustics team have developed many high-end headsets
such as those by B&O,Denon, and Beats.
Our professional team has enabled the HD50 to reproduce great sound,
with melodious highs, accurate midrange, and thunderous bass
Comfortability is a basic requirement for each good headset
To make the HD50 headset more conformable, Meizu uses synthetic protein leather materials
for the earmuff to make the headset more breathable and skin-friendly.
The interior of the earmuff is filled with memory foam from Japan, that is soft and delicate,
and can better perceive and remember your contours and habits.
It will never feel uncomfortable, no matter how long you listen to music

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