Zolo Liberty Wireless Earphones Bluetooth Earbuds with Graphene Driver Tech and 24-h Battery Life Sweat Resistant with Smart AI

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ZOLO is committed to reinventing audio by bringing it into the smart era. This includes premium wireless headphones and beautifully designed indoor and outdoor smart speakers that support popular music services, endless voice functionality, and an ever-growing number of compatible smart-home products.

ZOLO Liberty

No Wires, No Limits

Liberty are one of the first total-wireless earphones to utilize graphene-enhanced driver technology. An innovation that delivers immersive audio with crystal clarity and soaring treble.

Thanks to its extended 40-hour playtime (using the included battery case), Liberty gives wireless freedom to the most music-hungry listeners.

Liberty is the complete package. Zero compromise. Probably the most advanced total-wireless earphone series in the world.

  • Graphene-Enhanced Sound
  • Unrivaled Playtime
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Push and Go Technology
  • Smart AI Access
  • Sweat Resistant

Total-Wireless Audio

Some earphones claim to be wireless, but actually have a wire connecting each earpiece. Liberty is different. cordless. Held together by an almost unbreakable Bluetooth connection.

It is the future of personal listening.

Graphene-Enhanced Sound

Innovative driver augmentation delivers exceptional audio quality.

Graphene’s strength and flexibility makes the bass punch, the mids smooth, and the treble soar-for a superior listening experience in complete freedom.

24-Hour Playtime

Utilizing Anker’s world-famous battery technology Liberty play for 5 hours on a single charge. With the accompanying charging case playtime gets boosted to a whopping 24 hours.

Push and Go Technology

Unlike ordinary total-wireless earphones setting up Liberty is instant and reliable.

Two steps:

1. Pull Liberty from their case.

2. Connect via your phone.

No hassle. No fuss.

GripFit Technology

To create an instant, rock-solid fit we developed GripFit technology; exclusively for Liberty. With its innovatively designed casing, Liberty slide in then twist to create an exceedingly secure yet comfortable hold.

Universal Comfort

Liberty’s eartips and jackets are engineered from a super-soft liquid silicone for exceptional in-ear comfort. With tips and jackets in multiple sizes to ensure everyone has a perfect listening experience.

Sweat Resistant

Liberty are built with a sweat resistant casing and a specialized hydrophobic nano-coating to prevent water ingress. Ideal for sweating it out at the gym or singing in the rain.

Simplified Controls

A single button on either earpiece gives you complete control of Liberty and your music.

And with instant access to your personal smart assistants, take control of your phone, the internet, and much more-using only your voice.

Cut The Cord While most Bluetooth earphones claim to be wireless, they still tie you down with cords. Liberty are truly wireless, with two finely-tuned earpieces offering unrestrained listening and unprecedented convenience.

Immersive Sound Liberty's revolutionary graphene-coated drivers are rigid, yet light. They produce precision oscillation for superior sound across the entire frequency range. Crystal clarity and a delicately tuned sound signature deliver immersive sound that puts the listener center stage.

Long-Lasting Battery 3.5 hours of playtime is boosted by the powerful charging case for an incredible 24 hours of play time. Power your commute for a week without needing to bring a charging cable with you.

Instant Connection PUSH AND GO makes connecting your devices effortless-take Liberty out of the charging case and connect via your phone's Bluetooth menu. After the initial setup Liberty automatically connects when removed from the case and disconnects when returned.

Smart Assistant Access A single tap activates your favorite AI Assistant. Liberty's microphones are optimised for voice recognition, so you'll get the answers you need, fast.

Find Your Perfect Fit GripFit technology ensures Liberty fits comfortably, yet securely in your ear. Simply slide in and turn to lock. Personalize your Liberty with the addition of silky smooth liquid silicon EarTips and GripJackets in multiple sizes.

Note: The ZoloLife App is designed for use with Liberty+ Total-Wireless Earphones (it will not work with Liberty). GripFit jackets must be removed when charging Liberty.

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